Dia-Netics builds custom, precision coils, bobbins and temperature sensors.

Tel: 417-463-2598
Fax: 417-463-7781

About Dia-Netics, Inc.

John Bostick is the Chief Engineer and General Manager of Dia-Netics. He has more than 30 years of experience in aerospace as a Design Engineer in mechanical and electrical design.

With his innovative, creative approach to engineering challenges, John and his team continually solve problems that open new doors for our customers. Dia-Netics has developed proprietary equipment which allows us to make thermal measurements and component calibrations previously considered impossible.

In addition, we have teamed with a local company to extend our capabilities beyond our already sound technical and precision coil-winding base. Now we can deliver a complete component solution. We do not stop at winding solenoids; we deliver completed and tested units to exacting customer specifications.

We have access to a full machine shop with CNC machines and a well-equipped CAD department. The QA department is well organized and supported by a strong management team.

Made in America.

Call Dia-Netics to talk wire-wound coils and components now:

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