Dia-Netics builds custom, precision coils, bobbins and temperature sensors.

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Kapton and Kapton/Teflon Bobbins

Custom bobbins for your application. For over 30 years, Dia-Netics has been fabricating quality 3 piece, .003 or .005 thin-wall Kapton* bobbins for customers to their specifications. We were among the first in the thin wall bobbin area and are still producing these quality custom bobbins for our customers' critical design applications.

Dia-Netics pioneered the development of thin-wall Kapton and Teflon* bobbins for applications where high dielectric strength, radiation resistance, and extreme temperature tolerance are required. Because our Kapton bobbins have a wall thickness of .003, coils wound on them create a significant increase in ampere-turns.

Kapton and Kapton-Teflon bobbins.

We construct our Kapton bobbins using adhesive material which will not cause outgassing at high temperatures. Our bobbins are custom, precision bobbins, built to the customer's design specifications.

Kapton and Kapton-Teflon bobbins

Our custom thin wall bobbins are being used in:

  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Medicine
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Research

Dia-Netics can easily handle quantities from prototype development to 1,000,000 pieces. Quality bobbins, at a competitive price, delivered on time!

Epoxy-glass bobbins.><br><br><i>Epoxy-Glass Bobbins</i></p>
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Call Dia-Netics to talk Kapton/Teflon bobbins, Kapton bobbins, or Epoxy-glass bobbins now:

* Kapton and Teflon are trademarks of DuPont.

* Fiberglass bobbins are special order and are manufactured off site to customer design specifications.

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