Dia-Netics builds custom, precision coils, bobbins and temperature sensors.

Tel: 417-463-2598
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Wire-wound Coils
Precision Coil Winding

When you give Dia-Netics your exact design specifications, we will produce the precision wire-wound coils you need.

Dia-Netics designs and produces precision wound coils to your specifications using proprietary equipment. This equipment supports computer data acquisition of electrical and computer test and calibration requirements. With this equipment, Dia-Netics makes thermal measurements and component calibrations previously considered impossible.

Dia-Netics has an efficient, well-equipped quality control department, and modern facilities. These assure you of repeatable, dependable, quality products in each and every order.

miniature coils

We design and produce:

Quality coil products, at a competitive price, delivered on time!

Call Dia-Netics to talk wire-wound coils and components now:

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